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bestiarie | Bestiarie

Emanation «Temple Sleep Crystallization» out now

Emanation «Temple Sleep Crystallization» 12” Lp Bestiarie Vol. XIV BUY: http://bestiarie.bigcartel.com/product/emanation-temple-sleep-crystallization-pre-order LISTEN: https://bestiarie.bandcamp.com/album/temple-sleep-crystallization After the monumental «The emanation of begotten chaos from God» and the other minor works, Emanation is manifested again. The new work, entitled «Temple Sleep Crystallization», is an introspective study into the dangers of spiritism, where communication is made on a sensory […]

02-25-16 / Esquelas – Un pozo lleno de anzuelos Review @ Deaf Sparrow

Spanish label Bestiarie will easily prove to you how noise can be beautiful in a single sitting with this wondrous vinyl sampling from two of Spain’s finest constructors of the eerie, Esquelas, whose name translates to “Obituaries”. We already fell in love, but we decided to abandon that love and this is our new one. […]

03-13-16 / Refectori – Natura Morta Review @ Brutal Resonance

From Barcelona, Spain comes Refectori. This is another one of those acts where not too much information is available about them on the internet; they do say that they were founded in 1913 on Facebook, but I am more than sure that that is inaccurate and they are only goofing around. However, this industrial and […]

02-26-16 / Scythe – Blades of forgiveness Review @ Music Swept Away The Colours

Solos pero rodeados. Locos pero vacíos. Negruzcos pero doom. Experimentales, pero de verdad. Así de desconcertante son Scythe, proyecto que ya va por su tercera cinta; la anterior, con Neurastenia, y que un servidor cazó al vuelo. Pero cómo categorizar esto?! (ya no digo puntuar), que se mueve a golpe de agonía y nos atraviesa […]

02-25-16 / Refectori – Natura Morta Review @ Music Swept Away The Colours

Este es el sensacional debut de Refectori, proyecto de Xavier Longàs. “Natura Morta” fue gravado y mezclado por el mismo y masterizado por Andrés Satué de Esquelas. Y el caso es que me tiene igual de enganchado que su último Ep de estos, sinó más. Este chico se mueve cómodamente en la penumbra con el […]

02-18-16 / Walk Back Pilgrim – Erra Review @ Brutal Resonance

There is not a whole lot of information out there about Spanish three piece metal/experimental band Walk Back Pilgrim. They seem as if they have just popped up recently with their debut EP Erra. What little I do know can be easily found via their Facebook page: the members are Keko on guitars/programming, Ñaco on […]

02-06-16 / Walk Back Pilgrim – Erra Review @ Music Swept Away The Colours

«Find meat on bones, that soon have none» – Dylan Thomas. Ahora que vemos modernos desfilar con nuevo merchandise de Godflesh y sus clásicos son revisados tanto por ellos mismos “Streetcleaner: Live at Roadburn 2011” como por otros “Dragged Into Sunlight / Gnaw Their Tongues”, estos tres coruñeses (Keko, Ñaco y Nando) vienen a actualizar […]

01-31-16 / Refectori – Natura Morta Review @ Merchants of air

Several years ago, I watched an Author & Punisher concert at that year’s Incubate festival. Although it was not a metal act, loads of metalheads were headbanging to A&P’s music. For me, it was that first time that a bridge between electronic music and doom metal was built. Needless to say that I was highly […]

09-01-15 / Esquelas – Un pozo lleno de anzuelos Review @ Karate Press

No sé quien ha escrito la reseña de prensa de Un pozo lleno de anzuelos —tercera referencia de Esquelas (Alberto Fernández y Andrés Satué) que publica Bestiarie, casa de discos que desconocía y que ha tenido la deferencia de comunicarse con nosotros— pero, por una vez, es un texto útil, sintético y preciso. «Impregnado de […]