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March | 2016 | Bestiarie

02-25-16 / Esquelas – Un pozo lleno de anzuelos Review @ Deaf Sparrow

Spanish label Bestiarie will easily prove to you how noise can be beautiful in a single sitting with this wondrous vinyl sampling from two of Spain’s finest constructors of the eerie, Esquelas, whose name translates to “Obituaries”. We already fell in love, but we decided to abandon that love and this is our new one. […]

03-13-16 / Refectori – Natura Morta Review @ Brutal Resonance

From Barcelona, Spain comes Refectori. This is another one of those acts where not too much information is available about them on the internet; they do say that they were founded in 1913 on Facebook, but I am more than sure that that is inaccurate and they are only goofing around. However, this industrial and […]