Spanish label Bestiarie will easily prove to you how noise can be beautiful in a single sitting with this wondrous vinyl sampling from two of Spain’s finest constructors of the eerie, Esquelas, whose name translates to “Obituaries”. We already fell in love, but we decided to abandon that love and this is our new one. Sorry to whatever it was we loved before, we don’t even remember. Noise is decay, and death the ultimate decay, why not merge the two? It’s been done, sure, but not this artfully. Translating to “A Well of Hooks”, Un Pozo LLeno De Anzuelos is something noise musicians should utilize more in their work, tranquility. It seems counterintuitive, but it’s much more difficult to create disturbance leading into an opioid trance.

Mastered by legend mastering engineer Matt Colton, known as “The Alchemist“, Esquelas creates noise that relies heavily on empty space. The listener’s mind is continuously disturbed, as the blank canvas upon which they paint is progressively covered with blackness, streaks of red, shards of glass, real emotions taking form, playing like strands of decayed spider webs tenuously drifting in the air, bleak beats an approximation of a dying heart easing its last flow of blood. It’s a pleasing, haunting experience, Una Pozo LLeno De Anzuelos, until the final track, which, as our only complaint, starts to sound like the soundtrack to Myst or something. It goes from being alluring in its hideousness to playful, as though you’ve awakened from a nightmarish acid trip to find yourself still watching your kid playing on a “Giddy Up” spring horsey at the park. A strange, almost comical disruption that thankfully only appears in roughly the last minute, but the first three tracks are completely stellar.

Score: 4.5 / 5