There is not a whole lot of information out there about Spanish three piece metal/experimental band Walk Back Pilgrim. They seem as if they have just popped up recently with their debut EP Erra. What little I do know can be easily found via their Facebook page: the members are Keko on guitars/programming, Ñaco on bass, and Nando on Vocals/synths; they come from A Coruña, Galicia in Spain, and they are signed to Bestiarie. Other than that I am completely lost about the band or any other history.

However, what brings their name to attention today would be the previously mentioned debut EP Erra. After released a two track digital demo, Walk Back Pilgrim got signed to Bestiarie and Erra was released on the label on January 7th. It has been said that WBP is attempting to recover the “…legacy of the 90’s Birmingham industrial sound (Godflesh, Head of David, Scorn…) with a unique formula.” However, I find that comparison wrong as Walk Back Pilgrim has less of the edgy industrial metal/rock sound those bands were known for.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as the first track on the album ‘Son of a Hunt’ brings out some very well done industrial-esque shenanigans, but I just think the comparison was a bit off. Anyway, personal opinions aside, I believe that Walk Back Pilgrim has their sound down, but the vocals need a lot of work if they wish to become more recognized.

Walk Back Pilgrim’s vocalist Nando just sounds apathetic to what he’s singing about. And apathy creates boredom in both the song and the listener’s ear. I think he needs to learn to sing with the beat and instead of using layered vocals or digital effects to enhance his voice, he needs to get angry. Or something. He needs to spice up his vocals to make them likable.

My favorite song on the album was ‘Find Meat At Bones’. The tape loop and noise build-up to the actual beat of the song was very well spent. When the vocals hit, well, I was turned off but the music itself had good technicality to it.

I don’t wish to repeat myself again and again in fear of becoming redundant, but I will and feel the need to do so so I shall. Walk Back Pilgrim has a good experimental/metal sound grooving for them, and for that I give them praise. However, those vocals need to go ASAP and be exchanged with someone who is passionate and can show emotion. Sometimes monotonous vocals work. They don’t work here. Still, the band shows promise and I will be looking forward to their next release in the future.